A Wedding Miracle

Melissa Storm

Received from the author

A WEDDING MIRACLE is a short but inspirational novella about a pastor and a rabbi who have an instant connection. Rabbi Heidi and Pastor Sam both struggle with getting together because they are from different faiths, but they can’t ignore the attraction they have for each other. Of course, Heidi’s mother is not happy at all and lets it be known. How can Heidi convince her that Sam is who makes her happy? Her mother is always trying to set her up with nice Jewish men but there is no connection for Heidi. Sam is the first man she actually feels like herself with. She wonders why God would keep sending Sam in her path if not for love.

While reading A WEDDING MIRACLE I was instantly in Sam and Heidi’s business and kept hoping that they would figure it all out. Their story really made me wonder if a relationship would work between a pastor and a rabbi. They both share a love of God, would it be enough? Would their families approve or try to keep them apart?

I found myself laughing out loud at many if the situations Sam and Heidi found themselves in. I felt bad for Heidi each time Sam would pull away from her. He was struggling with his feelings Until his best friend lets him know that God wants his children to be happy, all his children. It was a beautiful message and exactly what Sam needed to hear. I totally understood Heidi’s mothers fears about losing tradition and family history. A WEDDING MIRACLE is a beautiful uplifting story and I can not wait to read more by Melissa Storm.



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