Come Back to Me

K.R. Reese

Received from author.

COME BACK TO ME is the first book in the Wilson Creek series. It is a quick read and filled with twists and turns. I’m excited to continue this series and find out what is going to happen next. Ella ran away from her hometown a few years ago and has never looked back. That is, until one day when a police officer responds to her job on a domestic violence call. That police office is her old boyfriend Trevor. Well, hold on to your seat……this is one wild and crazy ride, even though it is a short one. After getting her side of the story, Trevor convinces Ella to move back home for a short time.

Once Trevor gets Ella back to his house as well as her daughter Abigail, they finally sit down to talk. COME BACK TO ME is where Trevor finds out that Abigail is his and just why Ella ran away. She found out Trevor slept with one of her friends. I told you this story is filled with twists and turns!

Once I started reading COME BACK TO ME it was very hard to stop. I was instantly caught up in Ella and Trevor and wondering if they would be able to overcome the past and get back together. Is it too late? Will the man who Ella is having domestic issues with, Jake, try and find her or will he just forget about her? I love the way K.R. Reese made the characters imperfect with lots of flaws. It makes them believable and relatable. I found myself cheering for Trevor and Ella and hoping they could find their happily ever after. I can not wait to continue this series. COME BACK TO ME is the perfect way to spend the morning on my couch and my coffee getting lost in Wilson Creek.


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