Love and All the Trimmings

Barbara McMahon

LOVE AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS is the second book I’ve read by Barbara McMahon and I loved this one as much as the first one. Barbara writes such feel good stories and I can’t wait to continue reading all of her other books.

LOVE AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS is a short yet perfect read. Julianna is living in the small town of Tumbleweed Texas and is a third grade teacher. One day she gets a phone call from her sister, Stephie who is a big time Hollywood actress. It seems Stephie is coming home after being away for a year and begs Juliana not to tell anyone. She wants it to be a surprise. Well, no one is more surprised than Julianna who just knows her perfect life will change forever now. Julianna has been dating Matt for six months and even though she has never told him, she loves him. She has since they were kids in school. The only problem now is that once Stephie, beautiful Hollywood starlet that she is, gets her hooks back in Matt, Julianna will be nothing more than a distant memory for him.

Stephie and Matt dated during high school but once Stephie went to Hollywood and Matt went away to college, there relationship ended. But every time Stephie comes back she takes up with Matt, right where they left off. LOVE AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS really tests Julianna’s love for her sister. Of course she loves her sister, but why couldn’t she just stay away. She was truly hoping that Matt would be her forever love and she is afraid once he sees Stephie, her dreams will be gone forever.

Will Stephie steal Matt away from Julianna? Will Matt let his old flame go once and for all? The whole time reading LOVE AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS my heart was breaking for Julianna and what she was feeling. The only problem I had with this heart stopping story was that it was over a lot sooner than I wanted it to be. I sure do wish it had been a full length novel. I can’t wait to read more by Barbara McMahon. She truly writes exactly what I love to read.


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