Meet Your Match

Lindzee Armstrong

Received from the author.

MEET YOUR MATCH is such a feel good story. I read it in one sitting, well, it’s only a little over one hundred pages, but it was really cute. I’m going to start the next book in the series, Miss Match as soon as I finish my review.

Brooke is sixteen years old and just moved to a new town just in time to start at a new high school. Her parents are separated since her dad had an affair with his assistant. Brooke is not interested in finding a new boyfriend or dating anyone. Of course, she meets a hot sexy guy on the first day of school! Luke is trying to get her to pay attention to him but Brooke thinks he’s a player and tries to steer clear of Luke. They agree to become friends but nothing more than that. Luke is up for the idea but only because he thinks he can change her mind.

MEET YOUR MATCH finds Brooke as well as Luke finding it hard to remain ” just friends” but Brooke stands her ground. Luke is struggling with all the new rules Brooke keeps coming up with in their friendship. The tension between Luke and Brooke that Lindzee Armstrong creates is perfect and right on the money.

I loved this story and I’m excited to continue with the series, No Match For Love. Brooke and Luke seems made for each other, the perfect match. I’m just wondering if Brooke ever realizes it. That is why I can’t wait to continue this series. Bravo for MEET YOUR MATCH and to Lindzee Armstrong for leaving me wanting more. Will Brooke keep following her friend rules or will she give in to Luke and his charm? I can not wait to find out. I think Luke loves being the rock that Brooke can lean on but you know in his heart he wants to take it to the next level! Okay onto Miss Match!



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