REVIEW:And Never Say Goodbye by Nancy Glynn

And Never Say Goodbye

Nancy Glynn

Received from author

Mallory made a promise many years ago and out of love, she feels she must keep it. AND NEVER SAY GOODBYE is going to have you reaching for the tissues as you learn Mallory’s story. She is an organ donor surgical coordinator and sometimes her job gets to her but she never lets her coworkers know. She was trained by the best of the best, a man called Wolf for his horrible womanizing reputation. She has a tough reputation herself and her coworkers all call her ICE.

Lawson Gallagher, WOLF, is a conceited jerk, at first. He tries to get under Mallory’s skin and learn more about her but she isn’t coughing it up. All she wants to do is her job and isn’t interested in being a notch on Gallagher’s bed post. She can’t get involved with anyone as far as she is concerned. She made a promise and intends to keep it. She knows any man will run away once they learn her secret. After a surgery they did together Mallory learns Gallagher isn’t really the wolf everyone says he is. They drop their walls from each other and spend quality time together. They lean on each other and become friends. Will Mallory honor her promise or will she allow her heart to open up to someone new?

AND NEVER SAY GOODBYE by Nancy Glynn is the second book in the Town of Destiny series but can be easily read as a standalone. Once I started reading, I was instantly hooked and cheering for Mallory. The problems and feelings Mallory and Gallagher have to deal with are truly believable and your heart will break for both of them. Can two broken hearts mend and find love or will the promise Mallory made all those years ago keep them apart? I’ve never read Nancy Glynn before but now I’m going to find her other stories and devour them as well.


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