Review: love on the wind by Casey Dawes

Love On the Wind


Casey Dawes


Received from the author.


LOVE ON THE WIND is a quick read, only 63 pages but it came with a wonderful message. Becky has wanted to leave Hardin Montana for as long as she could remember. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and is ready to move to a bigger city in Billings. Can she find her happiness there? Only time will tell so off she goes.

Before she moves, she goes to a National Park to do some thinking. There she meets Travis, a beautiful Cheyenne. Their attraction is instant and neither one bothers to hide it. Becky comes from a family who doesn’t believe in interracial relationships. Or so she thinks.   Will her family accept Travis if things continue between them? Would his people accept her?
LOVE ON THE WIND teaches us that maybe, just maybe love can overcome everything else.

LOVE ON THE WIND is only my second time reading Casey Dawes and now more than ever, I’m excited to read the rest of her books. The way Casey writes, puts you right there in the middle of the story, leaving you feeling like you truly know her characters and feeling exactly what they are feeling. I love when an author can do that to me. If you love a romantic holiday story then you have to give LOVE ON THE WIND a go. You won’t be sorry and your heart will be warmer because of it.


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