Review: Bidding On Love by Joanne Dannon

Bidding On Love

Joanne Dannon

Received from the author.

BIDDING ON LOVE is a very quick read, just over one hundred pages but my goodness, it sure does pack a punch as well as being extremely hot. It was the perfect way to start my day today. Lily Taylor is just starting to get her life back. When she was nineteen, her parents died tragically and it was up to her to step up and raise her twin brothers. Now they are adults and it’s time for Lily to start living her dreams. That is until she meets Diego once again.

One month ago, Lily had a wild and sex filled night with Diego. When she wakes in the morning, she looks at herself in the bathroom mirror and runs far away from him. She can’t believe the things she has done with him. Now, here he is bidding on her in a celebrity auction and she is ready to run again. He convinces her that he only wants her to sing at a family event and then she is free to go. There is an instant attraction between them once again but Lily agrees with his plan. Well, we all know how plans go. Never the way we want or expect. BIDDING ON LOVE is going to bring all kinds of feelings and emotions to a head between Diego and Lily. Will they act on them or deny them? Falling in love isn’t part of the deal at all and both try to deny that this is what is happening.

BIDDING ON LOVE is all about Lily making her dreams come true. Her life has been on hold for nine years while she raised her siblings and just when she starts to think her dreams can come true, in walks Diego. Will she throw her dreams away for him? Diego is ready for a family, ready to settle down, and falling in love isn’t in his plan. Lily knows this but wants to fall in love with the right man and knowing how Diego feels, she also knows he isn’t the one. Someone is in for a rude awakening and I’m not telling you who it is. My only complaint about BIDDING ON LOVE is that is was over way before I wanted it to be. Joanne Dannon is a new author to me but I’m so glad I gave her wonderful story a chance. I can’t wait to read more by Ms. Dannon.


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