Review: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

P.S. I Like You

Kasie West

Perfect! Just perfect! P.S. I LIKE YOU is the perfect story and I devoured it like a fine box of chocolates. My heart is still going a mile a minute and I finished reading an hour ago. I’ve never read Kasie West before but you can believe I am reading every single one of her books in the very near future! I don’t know how I’m supposed to read something else now. My mind and heart are still with Lily and Cade. Oh and sorry girls, Cade is mine!

Once I started reading P.S. I LIKE YOU I fell in like instantly with Lily. She has a notebook that she draws clothes in but more importantly she writes snippets to songs in her head. One day during chemistry she writes down the lyrics to a song on her desk. The next day someone writes down more lyrics to the song as well as a message. Lily is freaking out and sends a message back. Soon the desk is covered and they move to leaving notes under the desk. Lily comes up with a list of people it could be that she is pen palling with but she couldn’t be further from who it really is. Once you start reading her story you are not going to be able to put this book down.

The friendship that grows between Lily and her secret pal is so heart warming. At first Lily thinks it’s a girl. She is excited to find someone else in her school that is just like her. But one day, a message is left and it lets Lily know she is writing with a guy. Holy cow, who can it be? Kasie West has just become my favorite contemporary young adult author, right up there with Colleen Hoover. There are no big twists and turns to P.S. I LIKE YOU and yet, it is still perfect. I found myself giggling out loud reading the letters back and forth between these two. Can I just say, I would love to be a member of Lily’s family? They are very quirky but loving and fun! If you do not have P.S. I LIKE YOU on your book radar, you need to put it at the top of your list……NOW!!


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