Review: Three Christmas Wishes by Sheila Roberts

Three Christmas Wishes


Sheila Roberts


Oh, how I love this author! Sheila Roberts always tells the kind of tale my heart is always needing and THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES is exactly what I needed today. I devoured this HEA story in one sitting. Once I started reading I knew I was in for the long haul and quickly became involved in Jo, Noel and Riley’s lives. I feel these three women and I became friends today only now I’m sad because my interaction with them is over.

Sheila Roberts always fills me with so much emotion and THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES had me all over the place. Riley is getting married. That is until three weeks before her big day when her fiancé breaks her heart and says he wants to break up. WHAT?? Three weeks before the wedding? Holy cow, of course she is stunned and when she finds out why she is even more crushed and heart broken.

She finds comfort in her family and friends including her sister Jo. Jo is pregnant, due any day and married to a Mike who is away with the US NAVY. Mike tells her he wants to re enlist for four more years and Jo is very unhappy. She doesn’t want to raise their baby by herself. She tries to guilt Mike into not signing up again, reminding him of all the things he will miss. THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES is the story of these two sisters leaning on each other and trying to deal with their man problems.

THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES is also about Noel. Noel is their best friend and also with man troubles of her own. She has been renting a house for two years with the hope of being able to buy it one day. She loves her home and when she finds out her landlady has sold it she is devastated. The man who bought it just wants to flip it and sell it again and she knows he is going to ruin all of the charm the house has that she loves so much. I can totally see THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES being a favorite Christmas movie to watch year after year.

It doesn’t have to be the holiday season to read this perfect and heart warming story. I live in Arizona where it is 97 degrees today and I actually got a chill reading about all the snow on the ground and how cold it was in Whispering Pines! Sheila always puts me on an emotional roller coaster and THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES is exactly why! Now the only thing I’m sad about is, I just finished her latest book and now I have to wait for the next one! Sheila Roberts has been one of my top authors from the very first book of hers that I had the pleasure of reading and when you read THREE CHRISTMAS WISHES you will know exactly why.


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