Review: The Imposter by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Imposter

Suzanne Woods Fisher

Received from Netgalley for an honest review.

THE IMPOSTER is the first book in The Bishop’s Family series.

I’ve always loved reading Suzanne Woods Fisher’s stories and THE IMPOSTER is exactly why. None of her characters are perfect, they all have flaws or secrets and that makes them very relatable. There is a new preacher in Stoney Ridge and it is David Stolzfus. He has been a widow for only a year and looks at Stoney Ridge as a place for a new start for himself as well as his children. He tells Elmo, the bishop that he thinks of Stoney Ridge as The Garden of Eden. Bishop Elmo tells him to be careful. He says there is a snake in the garden. You won’t believe who it is!

David’s daughter, Katrina is nursing a broken heart. Her boyfriend has devastated her by telling her he doesn’t love her anymore. He is now engaged to someone else and at the same time, Katrina has a big secret and she can’t tell anyone! She goes to work on Moss Hill and meets Andy, the caretaker. They agree to become friends and nothing more. Well, you know how that goes right? THE IMPOSTER is filled with secrets, lies, second chances, and love. I was holding my breath at certain parts, afraid of what was coming next.

THE IMPOSTER is also filled with twists and turns and when you get caught up on all that is going on like I did, it will be a very quick read. At times I felt like I was riding a roller coaster with all of my emotions I was feeling. One minute I was happy one minute sad. Then the next thing I knew I was almost in tears. Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of my favorite Amish authors and I love devouring her books. I’m excited for the next book in this series, The Quieting, to see what my new Amish friends are up to.


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