Review: Almost A Bride by Patricia McLinn

Almost A Bride

Patricia McLinn

Received from author for an honest review.


ALMOST A BRIDE is the first book in the Wyoming Wildflowers series. It is the story of Matty and Dave. They were childhood sweethearts until six years ago when Dave told Matty they needed to take a break. Matty is devastated of course, and leaves Wyoming. Fast forward to six years later and Matty is back to take over the family ranch. The ranch is in dire straits and the only way Matty can save it is to get a grant. The only way to get the Grant is for her to have an address in the next county. Dave is her neighbor and lives in that county. She approaches Dave with a hair brained notion that they need to get married so she can get the grant.

The marriage is for the grant only but Dave sees the potential in marrying Matty and maybe, just maybe he can convince her that they belong together. He has never stopped loving her and wants to convince her what a stupid mistake he made six years ago. ALMOST A BRIDE is his chance to get her back in his arms and make her happy once again. I found myself cheering for Dave and praying he would be able to convince Matty how wrong he was to let her go six years ago.

Second chance love stories always make me happy which is why I agreed to read and review ALMOST A BRIDE for Patricia McLinn. Her story did not disappoint either. I love how Patricia took the time to show Dave and Matty falling in love all over again. The whole town knew these two should be together and tried to help them along the way. Everyone saw it except for Dave and Matty. I was instantly hooked on their story and couldn’t wait to see If they stayed together or ended the marriage after their deal expired. I’ve never read anything by this author before but I can’t wait to continue this wonderful series. Plus she wrote a bunch of other books I’m excited to read as well.


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