Nautical Miles by N.L. LaFoille

Received from author for an honest review.

Nautical Miles

N. L. La Foille

Wow! What a ride! NAUTICAL MILES took me on one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride. Rachel Starling is captured by pirates and her old life has her mourning very quickly. Once I started this wonderful tale, I couldn’t put it down. I felt instantly like I was on the ship with Rachel dodging the nasty pirates and swooning for Graham.

I’ve never read N. L. LaFoille before but I’m so thrilled that I gave NAUTICAL MILES a chance. This is not the kind of story I would normally read, but I loved each and every minute of it. There is some romance and possibly a budding relationship thrown into the mix. Grab a pitcher of sweet tea, get on your porch and spend the afternoon with a bunch of sword fighting pirates, sailing the high seas. Hold on to your hat as it is a wild ride!


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