Hank and Sarah A Love Story by Juliette Duncan

Hank and Sarah A Love Story

Juliette Duncan

Review copy received for an honest review.

Sarah’s life is all about her daughter, Maddy. Ever since her husband died, Sarah has tried to make a better life for Maddy. She never ever expected to fall in love again. Then she meets Dr. Hank Wilson. HANK AND SARAH A LOVE STORY is a heart warming story of love, letting go of the past, and second chances. While giving her relationship with Hank a chance to grow, Sarah is being threatened by someone who seems to know her every move. This person is telling Sarah that Hank doesn’t really care about her and will love her and leave her like he has done in the past. Can Sarah trust Hank? Sarah is torn about what to do. Will Hank be honest with her and protect Maddy and herself?

I’ve never read anything by Juliette Duncan before but I’m going to see about getting the rest of her books. That’s how much I enjoyed HANK AND SARAH A LOVE STORY. I was instantly pulled in to Sarah’s life and loved how Juliette Duncan made me feel as if I were sitting right there with Sarah trying to figure out what to do next.


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