REVIEW:Between Heaven and Earth by Michele Paige Holmes

Between Heaven and Earth
Michele Paige Holmes
ARC received for an honest review.


I really enjoyed BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH. It is part of The Matchmakers series which is a twelve book series all written by various authors. Miss Pearl is the matchmaker and she travels around the world matching one couple at a time that have no idea how to find their true love. I’m so excited to read more of this series. Michele Paige Holmes did a wonderful job with this story and she hooked me and pulled me in from the very first page. I’m excited to continue this series as well as find more of Ms. Holmes books and get them read.


BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH has Cassie trying to stay positive and keep the hope alive for her husband Devon. He was a cop and was involved in a domestic disturbance shooting. He lays in a vegetative state and Cassie won’t listen to any of the doctors who tell her it’s time to let him go. Then she meets Pearl and Pearl gives her many things to think about. Most of them shock Cassie and break her heart. Then she meets Matt who is a single dad since his wife died tragically eight months ago. Their story is going to make you question what you would do in the same situation.


My heart was breaking for all of them as they each dealt with their grief in their own way. Michele had my emotions all over the place with BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH as each and every book in this series has done. One minute I was crying and the next I was giggling out loud. I love when an author can do that to me. This was a quick read for me. I kept saying just a few more pages and before I knew it I was done and very sad. I just don’t want this series to end. I’m excited to read the next story! They can all be read as stand alones, just make sure to read them all!


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