REVIEW: Winter Storms by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Storms


Elin Hilderbrand


ARC received for an honest review

WINTER STORMS is the third book in the Winter trilogy and it is the perfect way to bring this beautiful story and family together for one final time. I finished reading WINTER STORMS with a huge smile on my face, a lump in my throat, and tears in my eyes. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but do yourself a favor. Keep the tissues close by.

The Quinn family has had a rough year. Bart, the youngest Quinn is still missing in Afghanistan. He was taken prisoner over a year ago and his mother Mysti and father Kelley and trying to keep it together. WINTER STORMS is a delightful and heart warming story and from the very first book, Winter Street I was captivated by this beautiful family.



Ava has had a rough year as well. She is torn between two men, Nathaniel and Scott and decides the only way to figure out what she Wants, is to let them both go. WINTER STORMS finds Ava meeting a new man who she feels is too beautiful to ever be interested in her. Your heart will break for all of the characters but mine really shattered for Ava. She just wants to be happy and be with someone who appreciates and loves her. I was cheering for her throughout the series but especially in WINTER STORMS. Would Ava ever find her happily ever after?



WINTER STORMS is impossible to put down. Once I started I could not stop. I had to know how Elin Hilderbrand was going to wrap up this trilogy and what was going to happen to my favorite Nantucket family. I read the whole trilogy in three days. To say I was obsessed would be an understatement. Elin Hilderbrand grabs you from the very first page and never lets you go. I’ve only read one other book by this terrific author but she is now in my top ten of must read authors. I can not wait to get caught up on her previous stories and lose myself like I did with WINTER STORMS, all over again.


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