REVIEW: Hit The Road Jake

Hit The Road Jake

Cricket Rohman

HIT THE ROAD JAKE is the third book in the Lindsey Lark series. I did not read the first two books and was easily able to follow along.
Lindsey and Jake are hired by a temporary principal in Flagstaff named Bud. There have been some petty thefts going on at the school and Bud wants the thief caught before they do damage to the computer lab. The thieves threatened to destroy the lab and Bud knows how much the students and teachers use the lab. Besides, the computers are only a year old. Bud wants them caught as quickly as possible.
HIT THE ROAD JAKE is filled with mystery and kept me guessing the whole time I was reading. Jake and Lindsey have only been married for 18 months, still newlyweds and their love is felt by the reader throughout the story. I also found myself giggling out loud while reading the adventures of Jake and Lindsey. I believe that after reading HIT THE ROAD JAKE I will read the first two books in the series and see how Jake and Lindsey got together.



All in all, I found this story an awesome fun read and look forward to reading more by Cricket Rohman.



book received from Read For Review for an honest review.


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