The Ghostwriters

Mickey J Corrigan

Copy received from author from an honest review.

Jacy is one hot mess. She is totally trashed in a bar when she gets a visit from a man who seems to know her thoughts and it’s freaking her out. His name is JD and her favorite book written by him is The Watcher in the Sky. Do you know who this famous and dead author is?  Very clever Mickey!!


Jacy has a whole head full of secrets and JD is forcing her to face them head on. JD wants Jacy to write a book for him. Do you think she will do it? You have to read THE GHOSTWRITERS to find out. You won’t be sorry.


I have read almost everything that Mickey J Corrigan has written and have loved them all. She loves screwing with my head. Every time I think I have the story line figured out, she throws a monkey wrench into my theory and totally freaks me out. Mickey is a one of a kind author who loves twisted and bizarre stories. This is why I love her and will keep reading every story that comes out of that dark mind of hers. Once again, Mickey pulled me in, had me invested in THE GHOSTWRITERS and never let me go!!


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